Benefits Of SUP

5 Health Benefits Of SUP Boarding

Do you think sup surfing is a sport exclusively for healthy and young people? You are wrong. Surfing is a universal pastime for children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Moreover, there are no weight restrictions.

This type of surfing will suit absolutely everyone. Such activity has a positive effect on health. Let’s not be unfounded. Let’s list the reasons why you need to buy a sup board.

Reason 1. Relieves stress

The best way to deal with overwork and stress is to get out where there is water. Riding on the water surface, the sound of the surf is the best way to cope with a bad mood, malaise, and say goodbye to fatigue, stiffness, and tension.

Riding the waves will help relieve stress. You will immediately feel how the “brain reboots.” After surfing, mark the energy boost, gain strength. Your creativity and cognition will know no boundaries.

Reason 2. Provides effective fat burning

According to the experiment, a low load on the human body in the form of unhurried rowing is capable of burning 300 calories in 1 hour of riding. If you spend more time actively, you can burn 300-600 calories. Those surfers who race burn about 1000 calories in 1 hour.

Thus, you are actively losing weight while the process takes place naturally for the rider’s health and is absolutely safe.

Reason 3. Improves posture

To stand on a glan board, you need to develop coordination and balance. In the process of training, you involve all parts of the body, the spine is stretched, and the vertebral muscles are strengthened. This will lead to the correction of posture, pulling up the silhouette.

Reason 4. Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Riding on it is doing aerobic exercise. And this has a positive effect on the health of the surfer in general:

* develops lung capacity;

* strengthens the muscles responsible for breathing;

* enhances pulmonary ventilation;

* trains the diaphragm;

* Increases blood circulation.

Riding on a board will be effective prevention of heart attack, stroke, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Reason 5. Recovers after injuries of joints and ligaments

Although sup-surfing is an active sport, it is absolutely safe. During skiing, the likelihood of damage to ligaments, joints, and tendons is excluded. The fact is that during sports, they have an optimal and correctly dosed load. The only exception is the intense and explosive load during the race. But even in this case, the injury will be minimal.

Interesting fact! The inflatable glanders board is actively used in recovery and rehabilitation after injuries of joints and ligaments. Sports doctors recommend such classes.…

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